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Installation in aMember

Subscription module for aMember

ePay has developed a free module for aMember, which makes it easy to create recurring payments.

ePay’s module is integrated into aMember, and you don’t need to download or install files to use it. Activate the module, run a test, and you’re good to go.

aMember is a software for creating and managing subscriptions. You can also use it to handle paid user access (e.g. for Joomla). aMember is compatible with a number of web systems – click here to see a complete list.

With the ePay module you can capture payments from your subscribers at recurring intervals.
Please notice

A Business account with ePay is required to complete real payments through the module.

1. Create an ePay account

You need a test account with ePay to try the module. A test account is free, and you can create yours in a few minutes. When you’ve created the account, you’ll receive a test merchant number, which is used for making test payments through the module.

Get your free account

Please state that you want a test account in the comment field. You can disregard all prices.

You can try the module for as long as you like. When you’re ready to accept real payments, we’ll upgrade your test account to a production account. This means you don’t have to create a new account from scratch.

2. Install the ePay module in aMember

Log in to your aMember administration, and go to Configuration -> Setup/Configuration in the left menu.

Choose Plugins in the top menu. Choose ePay in the list by "Payment Plugins", and press ‘Save’ at the bottom (see image 1).

The payment module is now installed and must be activated.

3. Activate the module in aMember

Click on Epay at the top of the page.

Enter your merchant number in the field “Merchant number” (see image 2). You received the number in an email from ePay, and it is either for testing of production. If it is a test merchant number, you have to replace it with your production merchant number when you want to accept real payments.

Enter your MD5 key in the field "MD5 Key". This is the same key you entered in your ePay-administration under Settings -> Payment system. You cannot complete payments without activating MD 5.

Go to your ePay administration, and enter the IP address of the server on which aMember is installed in the menu API/Webservices -> Access.

Please note that you must have an ePay Business account to use the module for aMember.

4. Test the module

Make a purchase to test the module.

Go to the Main Page on your aMember installation. Choose Add/Renew Subscription in the top menu (see image 3 below). 

Choose your membership type, and press ‘Next’. Now the payment window opens (see image 4 below).

To set up recurring payments, go to this page: http://your-amember-installation/cron.php

Or you might have to set up a cronjob. Your web host will be able to help you with this.

All payments are found in aMember under Payments.